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What is Assist Property Sale

An assisted property sale is when you ‘assist’ or ‘help’ a Vendor to sell their property. An assisted property sale can benefit both parties: the buyer and seller. For buyers, an assisted property sale may allow them to purchase a home that is bigger than they could normally afford to buy on their own with a no money down purchase, or to buy a property sooner. 


Sellers that need to sell quickly may enter into an agreement with a joint partner to renovate and rapidly sell or ‘flip’ a property. An assisted sale that is structured correctly can be a win-win for a seller/investor partnership with profits shared between both parties and limited risk. 

What are the Benefits?

Benefits for the agent:

• Earn commission from the sale

• Hands-off approach to make the property saleable


Happy customer Benefits for the seller:

• No cost for the refurbishment

• A hands-free process

• Sale achieved much quicker and at the desired price


Benefits for us:

• Don’t need the funds to buy the property

• A quick timescale to earn a substantial profit

• No conveyancing process

Real estate agent


This Vision is to create a ‘win-win’ situation for all parties involved. We’ve listed the benefits to the agent and yourself. We believe that when both sides are in agreement, everyone can achieve their goals. This is why we strive to create a mutually beneficial relationship between the agent, yourself and us. We strive to bring satisfaction to both sides of the equation.

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