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Why choose us for your Company or Business Relocation?


  • Trusted by many previous Guests & Clients

  • More space and freedom (60% more space)

  • We’ll set-up a property to fit your needs/criteria

  • Whole House/Apartment

  • More bedrooms, combined

  • More Privacy, Your own place, a Home Away From Home!

  • Full HD Smart TV’s with Netflix/Disney Plus/Prime/YouTube etc

  • Better locations than compared to some hotels

  • Great for contractors, companies or corporates

  • Bills & Utilities covered

Location Location Location

We understand that travelling long distances can be quite an issue, whether it is travelling to work or simply getting around the city.

That is why when we find you an accommodation we will make sure it fits your criteria and location.

Serviced Apartments are the perfect option for corporate relocations & Serviced Houses are even better for bigger groups. A more better place to stay compared to hotels.

Our team will arrange accommodation according to your needs while you are on the move.


Choosing us for your Relocation Services will save you thousands while offering you comfort and luxurious spacious houses/apartments.

You’ll receive Accommodation for the fraction of the price compared hotels and become part of the Doormove Family!. Receive exceptional customer service, stunning accommodations, affordable & lastly the best in Cardiff.

We pride ourselves on using our Local Knowledge & Market Expertise to source Business/Company Accommodation. As we’re based in Cardiff we understand the local area very well and every part of the Cardiff. Through our partnerships and wealth of property experience, we are able to secure reliable houses/apartment and renovate them ready for you!

About our Serviced Accommodations

We provide our clients with Unique Serviced Apartment/Accommodations for Short or Long-Stays in Cardiff City Centre & surrounding areas. Our apartments, houses, accommodations come fully equipped with the latest tech, comfortable beds, a full kitchen, smart tv’s, free wifi, fresh linen, towels and anything else you expect in a Home.


Business Accommodation & Apartment Specialists

Doormove offer a completely customised Accommodation Package for companies/businesses that have long-term projects, contractor jobs, business meetings and more! Fill out the form below so we can quickly access your enquiry and get things going! Regarding location, we will stick to your preferred location, we’ll stick to a ideal radius of your job site or office in order to create an a swift and short travel experience for your staff.

Sourcing & Management

We'll source the accommodation and make sure it's fully equipped ready for you, your staff or company! We will deal with the boring paperwork, negotiate the lease on your behalf, we'll cover utility bills so you can focus on your stay and business.

Save Your Company Money 

Why spend extortionate, overpriced money on a hotel when we can offer you accommodation for the fraction of the cost, with better designs, interiors, more space, and a full house equipped with a kitchen, full bathrooms, showers and bedrooms.

Depending on what you want maybe even a nice garden area!

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